Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know I have been making references to Licca dolls.  I'm not familiar with the doll except for people using them for the bodies. Yikes that sounds naughty but it isn't, I promise!  I've been comparing them to American's Barbie doll and apparently I'm right! They are the Japanese fashion doll.

I bought one on a whim off of Blythe Kingdom.  And, I actually like her.  Off course, she became a body donor for Gatsby.

They are great.  Their heads just pop off and the neck part fits just about perfect on a Blythe.  
Edited to add:  Something I forgot to mention, Licca and Blythe are both manufactured by Takara.  I'm thinking that maybe one reason for the compatibility.  (More down below about clothing and shoes.)

Then I was left with a charming little red-haired head.  R found the head and wanted it.  Here she is now with a Blythe body:

Quite cute.

I'm surprised by how cute they are in person.  I bought another one off of Ebay and she is much different that this one.  Well for one, the plastic has discolored and her bust is much smaller.  I don't know enough about Liccas to identify one type over another.

My 2 new ones seem to have the same bust as the first one.  Except they did not have the collar bone bumps which I sanded off of the first one.  

The 2 new ones both had tilty necks.  One was taller than the other so she became an arm donor as mentioned in my previous blog post.

Sorry about her nakedness...Here she is with Blythe arms.

My first NRFB Licca is winging her way to me. She is some sort of pet shop doll. The plans are for her to be an arm donor also.  She will find lots of happy play time with a 7 year year old once her arms are replaced.

Clothing and shoes:  I have read things by Blythe people saying that not all clothing and shoes are interchangeable between Licca and Blythe.  So far, all of my shoes have fit the Licca feel pretty well. In fact, Very Vicky stock shoes fit better on Gatsby's new body than they did on Victoria (VV). 

My friend, Lyndell, altered the feet on her Licca body.  Linky here:  Lillian is an ADG so Lyndell had to do a bit more creative neck stuff.

Want more general information on Licca?  Here is a Wikipedia link: I just read the information....omg, this is good stuff.  Preggers Licca?

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