Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Room box it

I want a room box for my Blythes.  I tried to buy supplies on Saturday, but realized that I didn't know what I was doing!

The wood planks I were exactly 12 inches high and I need my hubby's assistance (he was in ass-mode) to plan out how to make it taller.  I abandoned the project all together until next paycheck.

Look at my knitting/dolly friend's room box:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/knitnchoc/sets/72157632362270271/ .  Helen is an inspiration with her creations.  Check out her dolls too!!

I did get a shadow box to make a room for a Petite. I think it will be a nice once I can work on it.  The Petite that will call it home is my Moon Flower, Hollywood Hills Party. Sadly, I no longer can play with her because her plastic is cracking on her arms and legs.  I fear she will fall apart soon.  I can do a body transplant when it happens but I will loose her sweet painted on undergarment. :(  It was a very sad day when I discovered her injuries.

The plans for the shadow box includes: removing the glass, papering the back board, painting the frame (or just a sliver tarnished looking layer), and adding little pretties.  I guess she will just stand since I can't bend Moon Flower's legs.

The glass has to be broken out.  For some reason it is not removable any other way.  That is the hold up. Everything else should be fun and easy.  Since Moon Flower is a mini-Marilyn Monroe, the room box will be Hollywood Glam...although, I'm not sure how to pull that off.  I sure will try though!!

Moon Flower looking glamorous.

Maybe I can create a chandelier from beads.  OH, that would be awesome.  If the box was a bit bigger I could even add red theater-like curtains and have them pull back-- maybe next time....

In other dolly news, I did my second arm transplant.  I learned a lot from the first so this one went much better on Blythe arm removal and Blythe arm reinsertion.  I'm much happier now about my mini-me girl.

Oh, I was bad. I bought 2 more Icy dolls!!  Considering how much the first one did not really appeal to me, I'm really loving my new ones!  I haven't customized the second one yet.  I'm still debating on her hair.  I bought mohair yesterday to dye.  I guess I should wait until then before I decide on the faceup. Odds are I won't wait.

This time I got the Police woman who has dark blue hair and the Halloween/witch one with purple hair.  The witch is intended for R.  I showed her last night and she seems excited about the purple hair.

Fun stuff ahead...

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