Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's going on?

This weekend's sewing was rather disappointing at first.  One of my fabrics kept ripping at the stitches.  I believe it was because my stitches were set too large.  I plan to try again.

After 3 fails, I did successfully make a few thing for my girls and shop. I didn't get pics of my personal items, but here are a few of the items for Blythe Knits:

I only uploaded a few pics to my Flickr to show my second Icy's face up!  Pretty, right?  Poor girl is still nameless.  Maybe Imp? 

Well, at first I inadvertently made her look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show:
Not at all what I wanted!!

I thought I was going to reroot her in lemon yellow mohair.  After washing her scalp and the make up being more elegant, I have no plans doing it.  I will use the mohair for a shop scalp or something.

I hope my 3rd Icy gets here soon!

The little Licca arm donor showed up on Saturday.  Claudia now has perfectly matching Licca arms.  I was really surprised by the perfect match!

Sorry for her naked appearance.  I want full visibility on the color.

I plan to go shopping on Friday for room box stuffs and more shadow boxes!

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