Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Andy's Toys

I did a lot of sewing this weekend instead of working on my Andy's room box. I've stalled out a little on what to do with it.  So, it still looks like this:

But, I did get these guys in:

I had to run out that night and get a storage container to prevent from loosing things.  RC is in the storage box.

There were a few characters that I wish came in the set...Bo Peep, Slinky Dog, and Mr. Potato Head.  The set seems to be really based on the first movie but a few Jessie (as a part of Woody's Round Up) related items were included.  I really wish there was a Jessie and Bulls Eye!!  Add on packs...I so wish.

Actually, there are so many cuties and some of them are so large (REX), that I think there will be a full sized Andy's Room eventually.  This does bring up the problem of storing/displaying it, but I will figure that out when I get there.

This room box is almost too small.  I wanted to put a little shelf on the wall but anchoring it will be an issue.  A book case maybe?  Problem is if I do too much there will be no room for a doll.  

Ah, creative issues.

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