Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Priss

This is Little Priss.  Little Priss is a Pullip named Shan-ria.  Her stock dress is gorgeous!

Poor girl is baldy right now.  I was messing with her wig and found a weak spot in the glue and before I knew it, the entirely thing was off!  This is good because I wanted it off but I wish I had ordered a wig prior to its removal.  I wanted something more playable.

Baldy Little Priss

I ordered 2 wigs and a cafe table from the dolly shop near me:  It is an online store as well as a brick and mortar store.  They carry Pullips and Blythes.  Unfortunately, the Blythe I want is really expensive.

The shipping was really pricey for 2 wigs so I added the cafe table.  Although shipping seemed like a lot, I figured up that it is cheaper than gas.

Little Priss has tried on some of the other girls clothing.  Right now she is wearing a Moshi Moshi (I think, I bought it 2nd hand) and a pair of toy box bloomers like in my Etsy shop.  Nearly every Blythe-made dress will have to have bloomers underneath since she is a lot taller.  Her feet are tiny by comparison of her body. Nearly all of the shoes I tried on her are loose.  Ixtee Mary Janes with socks work well. The socks are very baggy.

Here is some photos of her coming out of the box:
Not sure about the eyes.  I guess I am so used to Blythe eye chips.

I'm putting in a Cool Cat order today for eye chips, socks, and other things!

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