Monday, February 18, 2013

Pullip invasion!

I was really excited about the March Neo Blythe release, then I saw her.  She is Vanilla with long hair.  I was hoping for more.  Instead of possibly going over my dolly budget, I bought 2 Pullips and 2 more Icy dolls.

R requested a Mavis doll (Hotel Transylvania), so I purchased the Pupil Icy. Mavis and Icy dolls have a lot of similarities, including face shape and thin lips.  Pupil's dark hair and bangs are great. I either will do a scalp swap between the witch and pupil or just paint over the lips.  It appears Mavis's lips are black not purple.  I'm planning on knitting her a dress and buy some leggings and shoes.

I bought Death Note for myself.

I have fought off the desire to buy a Pullip for a long time.  I don't like listing in my Etsy shop stuff like it fits Blythe, Pullip, Icy, etc. without really knowing if the item fits the dolls listed.  It probably would, but I don't know that for sure.  This way I will know. It only took one doll to know this information, but she didn't want to be lonely.  Actually, I do have a reason.  I picked out Shan-ria.  She is so gorgeous as is and I wanted a customizing project.  I found Stica (she is a French maid) used on Ebay for a good price.  She is cute, but re-doable.
image snagged off of Google images

image snagged off of Google Images, 
red eyes? 

I'm hoping that most of my Blythe items fit Pullip already.  There isn't as much info on Pullip as there is on Blythe, or I haven't discovered it yet.  I did find some good wig removal tutorials.  I misunderstood about how the wigs are attached.  I thought they came baldy with wigs that just slip on with elastic- nope, they are glued.  I think I eventually want to remove Shan-ria's wig but I'm going to practice on Stica first.

I guess I'm going to start a Cool Cat supply list.  Hopefully some stuff will sell in my shop first since I cleaned out the account buying 4 dolls!!


  1. Very pleasant blog specially to me because I am a huge fan of Pullip doll and just received my new Pullip doll at PIJ :D
    Thanks for your attractive review.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on my blog! I try to always keep things nice and happy. Turns out I really love Stica. I changed her wig, eye lashes, and eye chips. She is perfect now without any major face changes. I did have to change her body because she arrived broken unfortunately.