Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nelly Nibbles

Have you seen Nelly Nibbles?

From blythedoll.com

My first reaction to her illustration--  Eh.  But, then they release real photos.  Dammit.  I already named her in that pink bunny suit.

Takara has been cranking out the middies like they are crackers.  I wasn't tempted by the pink haired doll, Parson Grace almost got me, as well as the new one that translates to kitty shoes.  Jackie Ramone wasn't my thing so I was safe there.

But, Nelly Nibbles.  Blonde.  Blue eyes.  God awful pink bunny suit.  Dammit.

Awful pink bunny suit.  Not my pic, from Flickr.

Now, I have to bust out some stuff for my Etsy shop and hope it sells.   I'm thinking I will go through my yarn for a destash too.  And, I'm clearing out a lot of the Monster High dolls.

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