Monday, March 18, 2013

University of Love

University of Love arrived on Saturday.  I am her second owner; her original owner was rather disappointed in her quality.  I can see why.  I paid 75.00 less than her original cost and she has some pretty glaring factory flaws.

Please excuse my legs in the photo, but this was the only way to reach the angle to show off her lovely special stock chips and hold the camera.

The green circle represents the factory flaw in her cheek paint.  

What there is not a photo of is how wonky her bangs are, you only see how they are not even here.  It is weird how the bangs are taken from the thatching line and then cut.  I will update with a photo of this and the other inconsistencies.

The other issue with her hair was fixable. The ends of the curls seem dry. I put anit-frizz hair serum to soak and then gave it a nice conditioning and rinse. It is 100% better.  I have found that a lot my curly head girls have been like this:  Skate Date, Silver Snow, and Angelica Eve.  I wonder if it is how the curls are achieved in the factory?

Still fighting with the bangs though.  It maybe an agree to disagree situation. 

My mom pointed out that the faceplates don't exactly match in color.  I'm not sure if this is because of the cheek paint going all the way to the plate join or if they are in fact different tones.  

The stock clothing are really adorable design.  The lining to the bodice wasn't up to the typically Takara standard.  But to be honest, I don't think this would have been something noticeable except for the recent complaints of the quality control issues coming from the factory.

Overall, she is a lovely doll. I really hate the issue with her bangs but I will live.  

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