Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Boy

I have in the past tried to create a boy Blythe.  It was not a success.  I gave it another try with an Icy doll.  I have seen some really amazing boys from Icy dolls on Flickr and I happened to have one on hand.

The base dolls is the blue hair Police woman.

This is the first try:

I wasn't happy.

He does not have hair in this photo and I did not have money to buy anything.  

I decided to use the original scalp.  It looks really cute with the part line off to the side so I will be attempting to glue it off center.

This is the most recent photo of him:

Isn't he Snape like with the blue hair?

I sanded the lips again. Re-did some of the faceup.  It is really hard to find a happy place between too boring and too much.  I took a chance and added indigo into his eyebrows.  There is blue shadow around his eyes just to depth.

Right now his still has the green eyes from the first photo.  I like the brown eyes the best.  This a project on a budget so I will re-purpose the green by painting them.

Now, to order him a body.  I'm going to try the Licca boyfriend doll as a body donor.  

I hope to share him completed soon.

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