Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alicia Cupcake Middie Blythe

Hooray! My nice postman delivered my parcel from Junie Moon today early yesterday morning rather than late in the afternoon!

Obligatory full stock clothing pic.  

She is too cute.  I am happy about how different she from my current Middie collection.  Her hair is lighter than Lily Brown.  Unfortunately, she makes my third blue eyed middie.  I am hoping to get a green eyed girl sometime soon.

Here are some observations of Alicia Cupcake:

Rounder face, maybe?
Fuller lips
Different breast
Narrower chest and shoulders

My most current middie besides AC is Furry Bella Bo.  I used her as comparison, in addition to Lily Brown, to see if her face was indeed rounder.  I positioned there faces both to look up and to me I see a slight difference.  I see a major difference between AC and Lily Brown.

The way her lips are painted make them fuller.  I'm guessing this is to keep up with the current trend of pouty lips in the customizing world.

My 9 year old daughter is the one who spot the chest differences.  First things she said was they are smaller and pointier.  This does appear to be the case.  Her shoulders do not seem quite as broad either.  I think this is because the chest isn't as broad.

You see the differences in the following photos:

Maybe the face are the same?  What are your thoughts?

Faces and chests look different to me.  The chest do not look as broad.

Here is one with clothing.

I was afraid that Alicia Cupcake and Lily Brown's hair was going to be the same.  According the the official release information on AC was that her hair was light brown.  If I'm going to have multiply dolls, I really prefer them to all be different.

After her hair was combed, it feels really nice.  It is uneven to an extent, but I'm not concerned. It is a minor issue.

Quite different.

My daughter said that AC's hair is really close to mine.  I have more red in my blonde actually, but it is close!

These are my two favorite pieces from AC's stock.  I prefer this type of middie shoes over the boots and heels.  

I might be getting the other new middie, Twinkle Princess, for Christmas from my hubby!

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