Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hollywood Blythe

Tuesday after an intense, light headed, eBay Auction, I won EBL Hollywood Blythe.  Of course, I am completely and utterly broke now, but she will be worth it.  When I purchased Disco Boogie in Spring of 2013 I had a very hard decision to make, NRFB Disco in the US, or nude Hollywood in Hong Kong, both for about the same price.  In fact if I remember right, Hollywood was higher.

I chose DB obviously.  I had never seen an EBL Hollywood go for the price offered and it sent up a red flag for me.  Her price seemed way too good to be true.  I actually had a strong feeling that something was wrong with her, like a broke eye mech.  Now, I have a Hollywood on her way to me in the US!

I feel guilty for spending so much on myself right at Christmas time.  I decided it is time to part with a lot of my Pullip items.

Here are some of the seller's photos:

I have looked at photos that others have posted on Flickr.  I really love the BL version of Hollywood, but with all honesty, I will not be able to every afford or justify her cost.  

Hollywood will arrive with some of her accessories.  From the photos I can tell she has her undies, boots, purse, stand, and card.  It is hard telling if anything else is traveling with her.

She is in my town right now!  Even though she does not say "Out for Delivery," I figure she is for sure since she got here in enough time to make it on the truck.  I might order entirely too many items to know the inner workings of my local PO.

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