Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Dresses for Severus

Great news! The Licca Boyfriend body is actually just about the same size as a Blythe body! Severus is pleased, now he won't be wearing dresses.

The boy body has slightly longer arms and legs, but this isn't enough to worry.  I surmised that the feet were really close to Licca and Blythe and I was right!  The boots that come with Prairie Prose(?),* Cousin Olivia, Slow Nimes, Gentle River, etc. fit perfectly.

You can see a little bit of wrist, but not enough to matter.

Since daylight savings time my afternoons are already dark and I have mediocre photos.  Sorry!  Severus is wearing Coolcat shirt, Over the Stripes pants, and PP's boots.  

I was really happy to know that I am not starting completely over on his wardrobe.  I have several pairs of cargo-style pants like OTS and Casual Affair.  OTS stock is perfect.  The set was on the masculine side, except for the skirt maybe.  I also think Love Mission's police uniform might be passable for Severus.

A new adventure started last night when I found a falling apart Factory Blythe body.  Hint?  The is a tail. Bahahah! Feeling a little bit like a mad scientist of plastic.

*I can never remember her full release name.  The redhead with freckles that came in a prairie-style outfit.

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