Monday, December 1, 2014

Elf Bomber Jacket

For people who are wondering if the Elf on the Shelf Bomber Jacket will fit Blythe the answer is- kind of!  It is over sized and has velcro down the under side and sides of the sleeves, but over all fits pretty well.  I surmise the velcro placement is to make it easier to dress the elf.

Severus and Coco

A friend on Flickr said she removed the velcro and stitch the jacket together.  She scrunched the sleeves to make them shorter for Blythe's arms.  I didn't bother, but good to know that it could be done.

I love the patches.  They are Christmas themed, but could easily be painted over.  You could even create tiny patches and sew them over then decals.  The best feature is the working zipper.

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