Wednesday, December 17, 2014

To buy factory or not to buy factory, that is the question

I own/owned factory Blythe dolls.  I truly prefer formally released dolls.  I have been entranced by factory before...most recently the "translucent" factory doll which more than likely a TBL.

I am being pulled in by another doll.  She is a Heather Sky-like doll.  I have wanted a Heather Sky for most of my Blythe collecting days.  I love the tan skinned releases, but have only been able to afford Prima Dolly Ginger (adopted by a friend) and Sunshine Holiday.

I found a Factory that has blonde hair and the face mold does look more like a Takara released Blythe.  TEMPTATION!!

I know I just bought Hollywood who is amazing and cute little Alicia Cupcake.  And, I am expecting Twinkle Princess from my husband.  BUT, I can afford this doll for most part.

I would want to keep her stock except I might spray matte her.

I'm probably going to buy her. Why deny it!

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