Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blythe hair cutting tips

Typically, I cut my Blythe's hair on a whim without planning.  So far, no one is bald.

This time with my new Factory Heather Sky-like Blythe, I put some planning into the hair cut.  Due to the thickness of her hair and it being from a different type of material than Takara released Blythes, I had to cut more like an actually hair dresser.  Here are a few tips and methods I used:

1.  Tape the doll stand to the work surface and secure Blythe to the stand.

I'm using an ADG stand and I tied ribbon around her legs to keep her stationary. Do not forgot to secure the pull chord so it does not get cut also.  I wrapped her's around her neck. 

 Here are the types of combs I used and how I proportioned her hair out to cut in layers.

2.  As shown above I used the comb with the metal pic to split the hair around to make it thinner to cut.  I went along the full line rooting of the scalp.  For some reason I did not take of a photo...   The first layer is the hardest.   

The other comb was needed to for the larger teeth.  I used it to comb out the hair in between cuts.

Start by cutting the hair longer than you intended.  If the hair is wet, it could shrink up significantly.   You can always trim off a little more and you will trim more in the finishing.  I also quickly learned that I cut at an angle even holding the hair in between my fingers as a guide.*  

After the first layer, I realized that this hair texture needed to be damp for cutting.  On stock Takara, I typically cut dry.  I dipped the comb into the water rather than wetting the entire hair.  This helped by making the hair just heavy enough to stay in place while I was cutting.

3.  Once finishing with the first layer, split up another section of hair.  This layer is much easier to cut since you go by the bottom layer!  

Repeat dropping more and more hair until you are finished trimming it all.  

After doing this, clean up strands that you missed and level it out.  Get down eye level with the front side of the hair combed at the same points of the face.

You can see that the hair is slightly damp.

After trimming bangs and length

There are other tutorials out there for bang cutting.  I just trimmed these to even them out a bit.  My main warning/suggestion is to be careful not to let the scissors scrap Blythe's forehead.  I cut little bits at a time.

Scissors- I used my sewing ones...probably not a very good thing for the sewing scissors.

The hair pile.

*I nearly cut my finger.  Please be careful.

As always, if you choose to use my suggestions you take full responsibility for damage to your doll or yourself.  I am by no means professional.  I just prefer to do things myself. 


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