Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I did indeed purchase the factory/TBL Heather Sky-like Blythe.  I feel she is a factory rather than TBL- a much better quality doll.  I named her Gidget.

Before any alterations, photographed with Sunshine Holiday for tan comparison.

A few thought about Gidget-

Face and body match
3 click knees
different textured hair
larger eye chips (again)
Poor quality eyelashes

At times with ordering TBL or factory dolls, faces and bodies do not match.  This was the case with the translucent TBL doll; however, Gidget matches perfectly!  The knees click properly.  I can see clear details in her hands.  The nail bed is defined so well I'm considering painting her nails with acrylic paint.  Also, her ears are pierced!

The hair is unusual.  It is hard to capture in photos the different textures between her and a Takara released Blythe.  The individual strands are thin and light.  The scalp has been rooted with 4 times the amount of hair than normally.  Whatever the material that makes up the hair, it nearly binds together and is dense. It has a lot of memory also.  Fortunately to straighten the hair back out, combing is all that is necessary.*

Texture comparison with Mandy Cotton Candy.  Can you see the difference?

I don't think I accurately captured the thickness between the two girls' hair.

The length of Gidget's hair was pretty unmanageable.  It went to her feet and with its density it looked a bit of a mess.  I trimmed up to her rump.  It wasn't overly easy.  Instead of squeezing the details into this post, I'm going to write up a hair cutting suggestion post.

Strangely, I find the eye chips to be completely different from a stock Blythe and different from the translucent TBL. They are low quality and really degrade the appearance of the doll (or, at least the pink do).  I replaced the eyes to stock Blythe eye chips except for the green.  They were decent; although, not the same quality as the stock chips.  This time I had to sand the eye chips around to get them to fit.  Last TBL all eye chips (Brain Worm, Cool Cat, and Stock) were too small. The factory chips fit nicely in a stock Blythe.

Eye chips removed

The eye lashes were ghastly.  I pulled them out without much trouble.  I did notice while replacing with new that the eye lids are loose.  This made it difficult to get the lashes in place.

After alterations

I know she isn't Heather Sky, but she fulfills my desire to have another tan girl at the moment.  Overall, I feel she was a good value.  I am glad that I chose the blonde girl; she fits really well with my current collection.  

*I have not boil permed or placed rollers in her hair.  The hair will form a curl with braiding and twisting back parts in a clip.  I have not done any other experimentation.

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