Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading Deluxe Kitchen Set

One of my goals for this year is to have some sort of doll house, room box, display, etc.  I kind of put the cart before the horse and bought the Reading Corp's Deluxe Kitchen set.  Well to be exact, I bought 2 partial sets.
first set

The first one is pretty used condition with the sink, refrigerator, and stove (no top cabinet).  Then, I purchased a near complete set within days of the first.

second set, table not pictured here

I cleaned the first set up and repainted the silver.  I'm giving this the pieces to my daughter.  Second set, all I had to do is clean it up.  I do believe the attic it came out of was from a coal heated home at one point.  My fingers looked like I was setting up a charcoal grill afterwards.  The suet did not stain the pieces.

It is unbelievable that the little paper boxes have survived since the 1960s!  In R's Playmobil sets, they were the first to be crushed.

A few bonus pieces, but mostly the set.  All dishes, pots, and pans included.  The two blue upside down looking cups below the red plates are actually salt and pepper shakers.

both handles are there

The silverware and utensil set is complete.  The clear box is a refrigerator bin.

I noticed some variations between the 2 sets.  There are screws in places on my better set that weren't ever there on the first (no holes).  I don't know what this means or if this is a way to date the production times.

One of the chairs have already suffered a causality.  As I was cleaning it the leg snapped off.  At closer inspection, it was an old repair with glue that resembled Elmer's or other craft glue.  I reattached it was E6000.  I had it on my real cabinet drying and R's hat strap caught knocked it off. Bah. The top snapped off then!  I glued that back on with E6000.  The leg stayed on, so that was a plus.  I won't be using the chair for more than sitting my Blythe chihuahuas in them.  The legs will won't hold any weight.

a bonus phone on the repaired chair

On top shelf is the last of my Pullip family and my Petworks Ussagie Bunny.

A few boxes are missing, but mostly the food pieces were not included.  I used a nice list I found on someone's blog to determine what I was missing.  Each section was consider to be up to 5 pieces.  For example, the stove was counted as 5 and it included: stove, battery cover, rotisserie turkey with rod,  and pot holder/rack.

I'm now on the hunt for rement and other miniatures.  This set matches the Ikea living room set decently.  My Sindy washer and dryer are actually blue (which match 1970s Barbie stuff well).  I haven enough items now to actually fill up a doll house.

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