Thursday, January 29, 2015

Toysfield Usagi

Being naughty is apparently my middle name.  How can I be good when I find such good deals on eBay by accident!

The latest "accident" is a Toysfield Usagi*!  This bit of fur and plastic is absolutely the most adorable toy.  I actually ran across how the Toysfields are made and it made me realize that they are basically BJDs (ball jointed dolls) rather than a stuffed toys.  Once I realized this, I caved and bought one.

There is a plastic skeletal/armature inside that allows full articulation in the limbs, ears, and neck.  I am impressed by the quality.

I am unsure why, but my Usagi is signed.  I feel it is a signature rather than a stamp or painted since I can see where the pen started and stopped by the artist.  I trolled Flickr and Instagram prior to my Little Grey (temp name) arriving; I did not find all that many grey rabbits.  The eBay seller was under the impression that the grey color is somewhat rare.  I guess he could be right.  

Gratefully, my Little Grey had booklets called Toysfield Artbook and Toysfield Artbook 2.  Inside was a story about Cherry Pudding (pink), Marshmallow Gray (grey*), and Meringue White (white) and release information in English.  Artbook 2 had Kuma (bear) paper dolls and sewing patterns.  I will trying them soon!

Story and release information

I could not find deboxing photos.  Here is a collage I made of my deboxing photos:  

Full sized images are also on my Flickr.

It is safe to say that I am in love.  There will be more photos on my Instagram and Flickr accounts.  I don't have the IG badge yet, but if interested in following me my user names is @blytheknits.  I am hoping to have a Kuma soon.

*Usagi is Japanese for rabbit.

*I prefer grey with an 'e', but the official release name was with an 'a'.

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