Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nudist Colony??

I admittedly have too many dolls.  Blythe dolls to be exact.

What do you do when you have so many girls that you cannot creatively dress them?  They all join a nudist colony? Buy new clothes? Make new clothes?

I have gone from one extreme to the other- sew like a mad person to knitting the exact same sweater about a million times. Okay, it was all the same style dress with variations.  I have no idea what is driving me to knit the same style sweater over and over, especially since I'm no longer stocking ready made items in my Etsy shop.  It's all good except no one has pants or skirts to go with the sweaters and spring might be here soonish.

What is the creative solution here??

A few sets per doll?

I actually trying this right now with one doll.  I keep Claudia in my bedroom with Jack.  She has several sets of clothes that I put her in periodically.  She always wears her Jack cameo, black tights, and witchy boots.

Several dolls that I have always struggled dressing based on their looks.  For example, Poe, who just went on a grand adventure (aka she went to a customizer) has always been hard to find a good style for.  I always thought this was her bait condition.  Nope, I just can't find anything right for her. 

Even though I have too many dolls, I am not willing to part with anyone.  I want to keep everyone.  I have pretty much ran out of room in the cabinet.  I guess that means some need to live elsewhere in the house.

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