Monday, March 16, 2015

LPS Petite Project

I found the car interior paint in my town that I have used for making black Blythes! I was so excited I bought a can.

I sprayed this little girl down.  She was floating around without hair until this weekend.  I finally discovered where I put my easy peasy rerooting tool.  It was in a good spot actually.  I just forgot I put it in my sewing basket.

This is Pilot (the pen company, I believe) Purple to Blue thermal hair.  First thing my daughter singed the hank to make it turn colors up against our heater. It is super heat sensitive and melts quickly.  It changes with the slightest touch now.



I really love the blue with the dark brown skin color.  I wish that I would have bought blue to mix with the thermal.  I was trying to get out of my comfort zone (blue) to wild (purple).

Now to find where I stashed her body!

ETA- Found her body.  Created this collage with hair in transition between colors:

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