Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Petite Valentine Swap

I'm in a Petite Swap periodically.  I think this is the 3rd that I've participated in.  The last I was in a rush to get everything sent that I did not take photos and the recipient did not either. Oops.  It's a secret swap, but by now my recipient knows I sent to her since she is the last to receive a package.  I shipped within days of getting her name for fear it would take a really long time for the package to arrive to her in her country.  I'm hoping the package shows up within the next couple of weeks.

I received from Charles, Potatoe-mouse, this time.  He ran with the theme Moulin Rouge (the movie) since it is one of my favorites.  Warning:  Many photos to follow!

Can-can dress with a working corset!

Unmentionables with a Gryffindor scarf

Grande Absente and the Green Fairy

The outfits are adorable!  I actually named Shanghai Season Satine once I saw her in the can-can dress.  I thought Charles used his Shanghai Season as model for the dress since it looks made specifically for her, but I got confirmation that he did not.  I picked Lemon Drop (Little Retro Mama) as model for the green fairy dress because of her green eyes.  Silver Crescent (Sweet Scarlet Spell) is one of my faves so I grabbed her too.  Seems like the same girls get to model just about every time.  Next time I will try to pick new girls for the job.  

I don't think I ever posted photos from the summer swap.  I will try to do that soon.  

One last photo of the green fairy:

The dress matches absinthe pretty perfectly.

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