Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Twinkle Princess and Macaroon Q-Tea Party

I keep saying that I will take real comparison photos of all my Middies.  One day that will happen, but this was not that day.

At one time I owned 5 of the 6 new releases.  I have lost count on the most current dolls, but I currently own 8 Middies.  I've only sold one from my collection years ago which was Milk and Honey.  It is interesting looking at the subtle changes that were made from doll to doll-  noses get more defined as well as fingers, eye shape and lashes changes, etc.

Up until recently Macaroon Q-Tea Party has been my most pale complexion doll.  She is an unofficial translucent doll.  You can see that she is different from all of my other dolls including Little Retro Mama petite who was released as a translucent.

Twinkle Princess (Tweedle) and Macaroon Q-Tea Party (Elphie)

Twinkle Princess skin tone is really white with a hint of pink. I don't think quite as dense as Cousin Olivia who has little to no pink tone.  It is always a nice surprise to have a doll that is very different from the others.  Sometimes it gets to feeling like I  have to same doll with only different hair.

Bonus photo: Twinkle Princess and Alicia Cupcake,
released two months apart.  You can really see a difference between skin tone here.

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