Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blythe a Day: June 3rd- 9th

June 3rd: Rainbow- Knit the rainbow.  Monroe working on a silk rainbow top.

June 4th: Laundry- Gidget is having one of those days where she has to wash clothes to have something to wear!

Extra: A chihuahua is always nearby.

June 5th: Decisions, decisions- Merrick is debating, healthy orange or sugary cupcake.

June 6th: Seashore- Peach and Pretzel are packed for the seashore. I haven't broken it to them that we are land locked.

June 7th: Don't give up- Nova posing with my grad school official transcript.  It was a challenging two years, but I did it.

June 8th: Stars/Moon- Moon showing off her star on her cheek and moon eye chips.

June 9th: Birthday- Lemon says, "It's my birthday and I can wear my dragon suit if I want to."


Top view- placement of items to get a clear view of face

Close up

Toy soldiers and chihuahua

To show the scale of the soldiers

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