Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moth Rowan, part 2

Moth Rowan made it to me safe and sound.  It was a pleasant surprise when I found that her original Fruit Punch (FruPu) scalp was included.

Right off I  tried the FruPu scalp and then went to taking her apart.  This was the first time I've ever seen EBL insides first hand.  I figured why not since she had been opened before.  There are better photos out there, but I thought I would snap them anyways (see below).

Face inside

Back inside

One of my concerns about her Simply Vanilla scalps is that I have Simply Vanilla with her original scalp still.  Turns out the only similarity they have is the scalp.  

I would like to try a Frosty Frock scalp on Moth.  Dr. Blythenstein posted a comparison photo of Border Spirit, Simply Love Me, and Frosty Frock's hair colors.  Simply Love Me (SLM) and Frosty Frock are really close.  I found SLM one for sale on BK, so I nabbed it.  I have a WTB on BK, also.  I figure the chances of finding a Frosty Frock could be slim. The SLM will at least give me an idea if I want to continue the search or not.  

P.S.  FBL scalp is not a perfect fit on EBL.  I doubt SBL or RBL scalps are either, but I'm not really concerned.  However, I wanted to warn anyone who wants to try scalps on an EBL thinking they would be a perfect fit.

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