Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Moth Rowan

Another Blythe joins my ranks today, Moth Rowan.  She has been carved by Milky Robot and her face up is by Little Dear (Merwing on Flickr, also the author of Doodle Stitching.)

Merwing's photo from Flickr.

Moth Rowan will probably keep her name, but I think she will be known as Moth.  Moth started out in this world as an EBL Fruit Punch.  She has a Licca body and I believe she has sleepy eyes.

I have had a FruPu before and overtime I fell completely out of love with her.  I really love EBL customs.  I'm pretty excited to see Moth today (she is out for delivery as I type.)

Only change I may make eventually is her scalp.  I would like to see if I can find her a Frosty Frock scalp maybe.  I'm going to wait on it.

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