Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blythe a Day October 19th-22nd, 31st

October 19th Favorite ghost story- Lady in Black: A young woman fell in love with a man from a rival school and He left her for a freshman at his own school. The lady in black took her own life out of despair and today she searches out the freshman girl who stole her beau still to this day.

October 20th- fall: I cheated. Our fall colors are still pretty green at the moment

October 21st- Halloween decor:  My plastic pumpkin that goes up every year.

October 22nd- Hats:  Moth out in the yard in her casual clothes.

Then my nephew was born and my BaD fell apart, lol.  I had planned to jump into the middle of the month and do all of the fun Halloween themed days.

I never got this posted for the last day of BaD October 31st,  but this is what Moth wore for trick or treating:

The romper is little Lalaloopsy, Nicki Lad glasses, and Mandy Cotton Candy boots.  

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