Monday, April 18, 2016

Disney bound

My family is off to Disney World again in a month.  I've been preparing travel garments for Moth.

I'm hoping to have more opportunities to photograph my doll this time in less crowded areas.  Last time (June 2012) with Gatsby was difficult to get decent photos since I had to stop in packed walk areas basically.

I've been working on gathering clothing. So far I have:

Tea and Tarts stock

Umbrella is actually Cute and Curious stock.  The headband is staying home.  I'm using Cousin Olivia's headband instead.

Sparkle Girlz set- white crop top and flowered shorts....I can't find a photo.  You should try these sets.  They are under 2 dollars at Walmart.  Fit decently and fair quality.  Not top, but nice enough for 2 bucks.  Here is a photo of the ones I purchased a while ago.

They have fair variety and not just everything is pink.  I try to pick the ones that aren't anyways.

Red polka dot Minnie Mouse dress. I am not fantastic at collars, but looks adorable with the felt Mickey Ears I made before the last trip which I forgot to take.

I'm probably going to use white sock and boots with all of the outfits.  I found that I prefer boots since they stay on better which reduces the risk of loosing them.  My favorite are the witchy boots.  I have 5-6 pairs now in white, cream, and sparkle Jemgirl also! 

I'm going to try and post my new rement sets next!

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