Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Back to one Kenner

Long story short, I am back to one Kenner Blythe.

Now the long story-

Kenner No. 2 never really looked like a Kenner without the original hair.  I went through two mohair wigs and a nylon/synthetic wig until I finally decided to got extreme (extreme for me anyways.)
Mohair No. 1

Mohair no. 2

Nylon wig

The nylon wig made her look brand new.  She just did not have that classic Kenner look with either hair option.

One day not feel good (because that's the best time to take apart an expensive doll, right?) I took the plunge and removed Kenner No. 1's hair.  Kenner No. 1 was really yellowed and faded.  No matter what I did she did not really look like a Kenner other than the hair.

I Frankstein-ed myself a good condition Kenner Blythe.

I sold the other Kenner and all spare parts within a hour of posting her on ebay!  Thanks to that sell I now have this in my sewing room:

I'm really happy with the results of my experimentation.  I made sure to write out all of my alterations so I will have the information.  Over time I forget details.