About me

My name is Natalie and I live in a southern state.  I started collecting Blythe in May 2010 when Simply Mango was released.  I really wanted that Chihuahua!  In collecting Blythe I have expanded to other dolls and retracted many times.  I find that Blythe is the doll I love the most.  She is a wonderful inspiration and a perfect* creative palette.

I collect all three sizes of Blythe- Neo, Middie, and Petite.  They all are charming in their own way.  I design knit-wear for all three sizes as well (See Blythe Knits Shop page for more).

I have owned many dolls that have moved to new homes and still own many cherished Blythes.  One day I hope to own the grail doll in the Blythe world- a Kenner.

Besides collecting dolls, I work in a library as an university archives assistant.  I have a bachelors in fine arts and a masters in library science.

Feel free to leave comments or follow me on social media.   I do not have a Facebook account.

*I must have had Harry Potter on the brain when I wrote this originally.  I spelled perfect as prefect. 5/4/2015

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