Monday, January 17, 2011

Stone's hair

Stone's hair started looking right today.  My mom, who is a trained beautician, helped me give him a stylish boy cut.  I am going to purchase a curling iron to shape the ends a little more before the hair cut is finalized.

He is wearing his hat to encourage the hair to lay down on the top.  For his sister, Snowden, I thatched her hair. This time I tried the SK-Coolcat Tutorial using the hole cut in the top to having a circular finished scalp.  I don't know how successful I really was at this.

I am really happy to see these two doll projects coming to an end. I got to a point where I thought they would be never ending or always bald. Hair is a intimidating project.

After Snowden and Stone are finished I have to complete Angelina's revamp.  Painting the body, once again, has been the trouble. I maybe repainting her completely (face included) using SEM automotive paint that has seem to be a success for others.

After Angelina, I am still waiting for the doll bank that I order 2 or 3 days before Christmas.  I should be getting it in a week or two.  This head is going on my Soul body.  I have spray paint that matches ready to go.

After my second black beauty, I am in the process of purchasing a Blythe from Australia without a scalp. I am pretty excited! I think she is a RBL.  She has a few flaws which is fine by me since I plan to customize her.

I am hoping to hear back from another person selling a Prima Dolly Ashlette soon too. Her dolly was customized but there are issues with glue and such.

Shew...that is a lot of projects ahead of me!  Right now I am just waiting on the mail.


  1. the hands needed to cut a dolls hair. LOVE it!

  2. She did a good job, but she was trying to clean and hold at the same time! It was a lot of fun for all of us.