Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slouchy Hats

I added a new set of Slouch hats to my Etsy shop.  I recreated the photo layout and I like these photos, too.

Recognize the eyes from my banner?

I have nearly changed my mind about selling my Mod Molly, George. I haven't had any purchasing offers and if I trade I really want a Cloud 9 Bowl (or another red head). No offers on any red heads, one very tempting blue haired offer though.  I know myself, I would have to have a second blue haired doll and that is defeating my purpose of selling/trading her.

So, it seems George is hanging around. She may grow on me. She is so sly looking.  I should make her fox-themed items.

I hope to make "Harry Potter Fan Kits" for Blythe soon.   I want to this weekend but with a family reunion and (Saint, according to Rowan) Father's Day, I will be lucky to knit a little.

Hopefully Angelica Eve will be here soon! I can't hardly wait to see all of her eye chips- light blue, dark blue, brown, and green!

Naming my dolls has really been hard lately.  I STILL haven't named my second Black Blythe.  My factory is Lilith and my Fruit Punch is Pansy.  I think I may use Penelope and Fleur again. Doesn't Angelica Eve look like a Fleur?