Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mohair-y Future?

Once I get over my most recent spending spree, I have been thinking about either purchasing a RBL scalp to reroot or rerooting my AGD custom, Snowden.

I want a yellow blonde similar to this:

Stephanie, from StephanieASmith Etsy shop, dyed these locks for a customer.  I prefer my locks to be more curly and short.  But, this photos is the general color idea.  Maybe even a little more yellow.

Pros and Cons:

Pros for RBL- it can fit 3 or 4 of my dolls.  The Cons- a scalp is about 40-60 dollars in addition to the mohair.

Pros for ADG-  she is already bought and paid for. The Cons- it will fit only one doll.

I think bought and paid for will most likely out weight the RBL.  Plus, I am too nervous to try and remove my RBL dolls' scalps.

This time when I reroot I am going to go light on the plugs underneath the hair.  Poor Lilith is pretty puffy. But still cute.

What have I been spending money on?

I put out a quarry via Blythe Kingdom for a My Best Friend Blythe's Chihuahua.  I really don't care for the doll all that much, but LOVE the chihuahua.

I asked, a long shot, someone trying to sale MBF if she would like to trade for a Mod Molly (more on this in a bit).  She already had one.  I decided to put out a WTB (want to buy) and first thing someone sent me a reply!

My little chihuahua is coming with her outfit too!

I also purchased 2 dresses, 2 shirts, and boots.  I hate making shirts so it was well worth it.

Wondering about Mod Molly?  I made a trade! I am getting a Friendly Freckles!!  Yay for trades!

Fr Fr is on the left.  This is wheatpennyjenny's photo.

I have an extra pair of eye chips that are turquoise Sakara flowers that will most likely replace the orange chips.    

I bought Simply Vanilla, shhh!!! The hubby doesn't know.

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