Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brainworm Eye Chips

My Brainworm eye chips arrived!  I am placing Cool Cat foils behind them to pop the color.

My first Brainworm eye chips:

Left to Right: Light Grey, Aqua, Honey, Lime

Here is the first set in Fleur:

Fleur is getting the blue eye chips also.  I may be anal, but the shadow color and eye chips do not match.  The blue had a purple undertone and I expected green.  The color was called aqua after all.  I went ahead and used them, but may change in the future.

Overall, I really like the Brainworm eye chips. They seam smaller than Cool Cat's but I think it is an illusion.  

I am curious if they will fit in Clone's eye sockets better.  I think I may try soon.

Wondering where the other 2 sets are going?  The lime green definitely belong to George (Friendly Freckles) and the honey were ordered for Ginger (Prima Dolly Ginger).  

Fleur's fringe is awful.  I am going to consult with my stylist, aka my mom, with how to change it.

I have some news about Ginger actually.  I sand matted her face! It was nerve racking but successful. I was able to keep the eye shadow.  Hopefully photos coming soon.  It is so hot outside everything is dry and yucky looking.   

Need a refresher about Ginger?  Here is the post Meet Ginger.

Here is Meet George, also.

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