Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I finally took photos of my daughter's new Blythe clone.  It has been so long she can barely be considered new anymore.

This is a Basaak clone named Margo.

Margo under went a complete facial make over:

sand matted skin
pink eye lid
red heart on left lid
pink eye liner
red lip paint
beauty mark
blonde streaks in hair
purple/blue eye chips
new eyelashes

Margo has been well loved.  Her hair was a disaster before this impromptu photo shoot.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Project, cont.

This past weekend I spent Sunday sewing for my Blythes.  I am worked on meeting my goal of all 13 Blythes wearing costumes for Halloween.  I am not too picky if it is bought, altered, or handmade.

Luna is a bat.  The dress is an Ixtee (or something like that) and the wings are felt that attach using clear elastic. The hair bow was the hardest part.  I think this one was a success.


I bought the polymer clay button from my yarn shop.  I am going to try and make some.

Next up, George as the Mad Hatter.  I only have the hat finished.  It is felt, ribbon and a portion of a hair bow. I bought the hair bow from Hot Topic and it broke immediately.  I really looks cute on the hat though!

The tea cup is from a Rement set.  It is fashioned after green depression glass.  Very, very cute!

I haven't figured out the rest of the costume yet.

Soon I am going to make a Witch costume. 

Original post about Halloween Project.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Picchu!

This is Picchu*! He is a little Wonderfrog.  He is the sweetest little cocoa brown frog ever.

Poor Picchu had to stay at my work all weekend.  I left him.  I am sure he is feeling neglected and sad.  

I wanted to make him a romper or a sweater.  Maybe I will get to tonight.

Snowden gave him a big hug.  They are a bit matchy.  Snow's new make up is cocoa brown.

*Like Mounte Picchu, Peru.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orchid is Finished!


I think the golden mohair increased the appeal of Orchid.  I am pleased.  Next time I will root less hair at the back on the scalp to decrease the fullness.  I want to try Saran soon.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Customizing Petite, cont.

An unplanned event came up yesterday so I wasn't able to finish Orchid.  This morning I did have time to snap a few progress photos.

Poor gal has a needle sticking out of her head. I will have to add plug to the top of her noggin. Even after the thatching, I think I will be able to see scalp.

I have been trying to use super small plugs.  It is really hard to do that.  Orchid is going to have another full head of hair, but at least that weird crimp will not be in it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Customizing Petite

I inquired about a year ago and again about six months ago on how to customize a Petite Blythe with no success.  Finally this tutorial came up on Petite Blythe Celebration on Flickr for rerooting: 

I found Mixi Michi but there wasn't a tutorial.  I am assuming this was posted just recently or I completely missed it the last time I looked for instructions.  

I am customizing Orchid, Apple Sweet Angel.  Her hair was a nightmare once I removed the braids.  I wasn't surprised though. I have heard of people getting very brave and flat ironing their dolls hair.  It didn't help this gal.   

Now, Orchid is in pieces.  The rooting started last night and I am guessing I am half way.  Petites seems to be a breeze even thought they are so small.  There are very few holes to fill!

This is Sweet Apple Angel Stock

I do not understand her dress.  I was not fond of it so I sold it. I chose Orchid for the blonde hair but when I got her I was surprised by her bland features.  

I am hoping to golden mohair emphasizes her a bit.

I should complete the rooting tonight!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Plastic Family

At the Blythe Group on Ravelry everyone has been posting group photos of their plastic family.  I squeezed all 13 of my girls and my daughters 2 in for a quick snap shot.

Front row, left to right:  Pinkie (R's Basaak), Snowden (ADG Roaring Red), Ginger (PD Ginger), George (Friendly Freckles), Fleur (Simply Vanilla), Victoria (Very Vicky), Margo (R's Basaak), Nymph (Simply Guava);

Back row, left to right:  Ginny (Simply Mango), Luna (Mademoiselle Rosebud), Pansy (Fruit Punch), Sparrow (Angelica Eve), Alicia (Basaak), Lilith (Factory), Angelina (Blybe).

Shew, that was a mouth full.