Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pansy is saying good bye

For awhile now Pansy, Takara EBL Fruit Punch, has been unhappy here.  She is cute but I am feel less content with her.  Plus, I am feeling my Blythe family is getting out of hand.

I found a trade offer on Blythe Kingdom about a custom work for a trade of an EBL doll.  I jumped on it. I am sending Fleur, Simply Vanilla, on a spa vacation to China Lilly in Australia.  She will return home with face up, new lashes, 4 new eye chips (2 Brain Worm and 2 hand painted), custom pull cords and lip carving.

I am super happy with the trade.

Good bye, Pansy!

New addition!!

I got a middie!  She is super cute here is some photos:

Size comparison, Angelica Eve, Macaroon Q Tea Party, and Kitchen Queen.

She is perpetually sad looking.

Clothing by me.  I used the Puchi Collective patterns at a smaller ratio.

The poor girl doesn't have a name yet. 

I also purchased/traded a SBL Skate Date from a friend.  I am contemplating lip carving and other customizations.  

I am ordering Hujoo Pastels to use on my Hujoo Wawa. My pastel are just not working.  I am hoping to use them on my Skate Date also.  

Hopefully, finished photos of Sally will be coming up! I need to get her finished before starting any other projects.

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