Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunshine Holiday!

I have Sunshine Holiday! 

The biggest thing that has hit the Blythe World recently is Alexis Emerald. AE suggested retail is about 180 USD.  I thought, "Oh wow, I can afford her."  Yeah, not so much.  AE is so highly sought after she is going anywhere from 299-450 USD! 

I realized that her cost was way above me in April when I found some pre-orders on Ebay for 399 USD.  

Since AE is out of my reach, I got Sunshine Holiday instead! She fits in my family better anyways.

This girl is golden brown with pretty honey blonde hair. 

Once again, this poor girl doesn't have a name.  I will take my time like I did with Gatsby.

I do want to give a newly update list on what girls I have:

RBL Prairie Prose- In Transit
RBL Sunshine Holiday
RBL Factory Franken-Blythe
SBL Can Can Cat
RBL Cassiopeia Spice
SBL Silver Snow
SBL Skate Date
SBL Pinafore Purple
SBL Mademoiselle Rosebud
RBL Simply Guava
RBL Friendly Freckles
RBL Angelica Eve
RBL Factory
FBL Very Vicky
SBL Prima Dolly Ginger
ADG Roaring Red
RBL Simply Mango

Petite Blythes- Jeremy Macintosh, Hollywood Hills Party, Kitchen Queen, Apple Sweet Angel, Sweet Scarlet Spell, Miss Retro Mama

Plus several LPS Petites and LPS Hybrids

Middie Blythes- Macaroon Q-Tea Party, Milk and Honey, Little Lilly Brown

Plus 3 clones- Sally, Nicki, Angelina

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet Gatsby!

This is Gatsby.  She and her little kitty (who is very secretive about her name) are always up to mischief.  Just the other day I found a wubber chicken in Gatsby's boot.  How did that get there?  I think I heard the two cohorts snickering.

Sneaky. Kitty has the "Puss n' Boots" look so I knew something was up.

Gatsby likes to hide things in her pocket.

Gatsby started this life as a Takara RBL Cassiopeia Spice Blythe.  Only alteration, so far, has been a bobbed hair cut.  I trimmed her bangs up pretty short too.

In the future I may change out some eyechips.