Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Who is going to Disney World?

 Gatsby with her toy giraffe that I got her from the zoo.
I dislike posting without pics!

My family and I are going to Disney World! I just can't go without a Blythe.  Now the question is who should go and what clothing should she have?

Gatsby has been my travel girl recently. I like that her hair is so easy to fix.  Long hair is a nightmare.


Should I take one of my Middie girls?  The are a bit smaller.  Better fit for my carry on.

I want to make whoever goes a princess dress.  Snow White stuck in my head, no sure why.... I hope to make it this weekend. I have the yellow material for the skirt and some of the details I plan to used wool felt (like the red details in Snow White's sleeves).

I already made a Micky Ears hat a couple weeks ago.  Thanks to Jam Fancy, she provided the pattern online for free.  Very sweet. Oops, no photo yet.  I didn't upload it to Flickr.

I know for sure that I will pack Nicky Lad boots and Takara black and purple boots.  It seems with boots there is risk of them falling off.

More on this soon.  I will get some photos of the dress and hat.

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