Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moon Flower's shadow box

Yesterday the winter weather hit early in the day in Arkansas and my work closed down for the afternoon.  YAY! Since I had a few hours of free time I started Moon Flower's shadow box.

Breaking out the glass wasn't too bad.  I taped it up really good and started tapping it with a hammer into the trash....make sure to tell your family there is glass in the trash!!  Which I did and there was no injuries.

After ensuring all the glass was removed from the frame (check the trench where the glass was really well) I started painting the frame with sliver.  I'm using all purpose Folk Art brand acrylic.  It seems to be a bit old and the binder and color has separated  but it worked out.  It put on just enough silver to make the frame go from weathered to glam.

Next, I found my Yes! glue.  Let me tell you, this stuff is wonderful.  It has been at least 6 years since I opened the jar and it is still moist and good!!  Even if it is dry you can dampen your brush and hydrated it.  A few more reasons why I love Yes! glue:  it is non-toxic, acid-free, and, with extra care, absolutely wrinkle-free on thin paper.  I used this stuff in my Book Arts courses.

I brushed a thin layer of glue on the the back board, and lined it up on my pretty scrapbook paper. Then trimmed with an Xacto.

After letting the frame dry a bit (I was impatient), I inserted the covered back board piece.

Since I'm going for Old Hollywood Glam with a hint of theater (does that makes sense?), I decided to put wool felt in as carpet.  Holy pumpkins, it looks lush (see photo, oooooo....).  I choose a dark burgundy.

Now, I'm struggling with accessorizing.  I tried the bead and wire chandelier. Yuck. Then I tried shrinky dinks.  I hand drew it, cut it out and it curled in the oven.  Didn't shrink, just curled. Twice. Pissed.  So, I abandoned that all together.  I have better ideas on how to make one, but I have a back up plan if that fails too.

I made a little mirror with an clip on earring back.  Now to find the perfect printable mini movie poster.  At first I intended to use a great photo of a flapper and her chihuahua, but it is black and white.  A splash of color is need on the wall.

Here is what I have so far:

The "flowers" are beads on i-pins.

Once I am completely finished I will take detail photos with a real camera, not just my iPhone.

I can see many of these in my future.  In fact, I want all of my Petites in shadow boxes.

Here is my previous post about the Shadow Box:

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