Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Skin Tone Comparisons

Cousin Olivia is the strangest colored Blythe that I have ever seen. I've tried to explain it to someone who owns Very Vicky and, more recently, Simply Vanilla. I had taken photos of CO with VV before but it still did not really reflect how white she really is. This time I paired her with Very Vicky, Simply Vanilla, and Angelica Eve.  Angelica Eve is very pale but with a pink tone.  I think I successfully captured CO's unique color in these photos:

L to R- Very Vicky, Simply Vanilla, Cousin Olivia, Angelica Eve

Simply Vanilla, Cousin Olivia

Angelica Eve, Cousin Olivia

I also photographed CO with Can Can Cat.  They were both released in 2008. I thought it would be interesting to show how different they are with being release in the same year.  Can Can Cat no longer has her stock lips.  She came to me damaged from her pull chord melting onto her lips and chin.

Can Can Cat, Cousin Olivia

Someone on Flickr as if CO's hand is melted- no, it is zit cream. 

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