Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Severus

Little Severus (name for now) is complete with a boy body!  I ordered the Licca Boyfriend to be the donor.

The neck is a lot different than Licca.  I did not get photos of any of my alterations, but there is a good photo on Flickr by a customizer.*  I essentially mimicked her solution.  I did find that the two pieces of the body at the neck was not sealed well so I had to resort to a type of glue, that I will not mention, to keep the screw in to hold the washer.*

Severus and Gatsby.  

Severus is about one inch taller than a stock Blythe.  Gatsby has a Licca body.

His feet do seem to be very similar to this Licca's feet.  I am hopeful that I have shoes that will fit him. So far, all that I know will fit him is his stock clothing.  I will try out the rest of Over the Stripes stock. 

I hope to sew him some jeans and make him a knitted slouchy hat this weekend.

*Search "boy Blythe."   The customizer is named Astrosnik.

*It is not recommended type of glue for dolls.

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