Saturday, January 29, 2011

Applesauce came home!

I have Petite Blythe Macintosh that my daughter named Applesauce.  When I was developing the Deer Outfit for Petite Blythe I used her as my model.  It was around December 5th when she went MIA.  I searched my car, my house, my purse, and my parents' house to no avail.  It was so frustrating that I lost her.  Here is the post that I mention it, Missing Applesauce.

Well today, after nearly two months of missing Applesauce was returned to me.  She was found in my neighbors' driveway.  How she got there, I don't know! These neighbors in particular are not even across the street from out driveway..... Gosh, who knows how she got all the way around my house, but for most part she is unscathed!!!

I am so happy for Applesauces return, I think I will knit a celebratory outfit.

The little dress pictured is from my free pattern.  The boots have been robbed from the Littlest Pet Shop love Blythe set with the horse.

1 comment:

  1. Wild. Maybe She found herself lost, and wandered off to the wrong house.
    Did the neighbors bring her back to you?