Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never say Never

Something I learned from my husband is never say never.  It is good savvy advice.  In April (here is the post) I said I was finished buying Blythes and the I am happy with the ones I currently owned....hahhaha...laughing hysterically.

I have since then, bought 2 dolls and traded one.  I now own, in order from most recent acquisition:

Takara Friendly Freckles (RBL, named George)
Takara Simply Vanilla (FBL, named Fleur)
Takara Angelica Eve (RBL, named Sparrow)
Takara Fruit Punch (EBL, named Pansy)
Takara Simply Guava (RBL, named Nymph)
Factory Blythe (RBL, named Lilith)
Takara Prima Dolly Ginger (SBL, named Ginger)
Takara Very Vicky (FBL, named Victoria)
ADG Roaring Red (named Snowden)
Takara Simply Mango (RBL, named Ginny)

I have two custom clones but I can't remember when I bought them.  

I think I have a nice variety now.

I am in the process of re-customizing my Roaring Red.  And I now leave you with images of cuteness.

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