Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Middies and more

I seem to have lost touch with my blog.  Not sure where the time has gone.

As a previous post said, I am working on re-designing some patterns.  I am also creating new ones! I have 3 new Middie patterns and 1 Petite pattern that are close to immediate release.

After those are ready I have another that I need to be tested.

Just a few updated things-

I am expecting Fleur home sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks.  I was notified by China-Lilly yesterday that she was ready to fly back to the US.

My two new Middies made it to me last Friday!  Little Lily Brown has been named Lydia.  Milk and Honey is still nameless.  I will soon write a comparison between the Macaroon Q Tea Party and Little Lily Brown versus Milk and Honey.  Some things don't seem to be equal.

I have my Coraline (formerly known as Snowden) complete.  Now I am working on clothing and gathering toy items for her. Plus, I am planning a toy chest!

After much thought, I am removing Nymph's (Simply Guava) pink hair.  I am not a fan of pink. I purchased a Cappuccino Chat scalp for her!

I have started a face up on my Icy.  I feel bad that she does not have a name.  I like her red hair, but something is just not working for me. I hope to sell the Guava scalp to pay for some lemony yellow mohair.

Something else that has been going on Hybrids! I have Cat-ladies and a Deer-lady.

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