Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blythe a Day October 19th-22nd, 31st

October 19th Favorite ghost story- Lady in Black: A young woman fell in love with a man from a rival school and He left her for a freshman at his own school. The lady in black took her own life out of despair and today she searches out the freshman girl who stole her beau still to this day.

October 20th- fall: I cheated. Our fall colors are still pretty green at the moment

October 21st- Halloween decor:  My plastic pumpkin that goes up every year.

October 22nd- Hats:  Moth out in the yard in her casual clothes.

Then my nephew was born and my BaD fell apart, lol.  I had planned to jump into the middle of the month and do all of the fun Halloween themed days.

I never got this posted for the last day of BaD October 31st,  but this is what Moth wore for trick or treating:

The romper is little Lalaloopsy, Nicki Lad glasses, and Mandy Cotton Candy boots.  

Blythe a Day September 1-12

September 1st- Bambi:  Tweedle enticed fawns to her.

September 2nd- Fire:  Surfer Girl posing near an artist rendition of a burning building. Art by Rowan.

September 3rd- Speed:  Merrick sped into the driveway knocking poor Coco out of her seat in the back.

September 4th- Photography: Julian with a toy camera being photographed with a DSLR being photographed with a iPhone 5 camera.

September 5th- Beards: Did mustaches avoid the Russian beard tax of 1698?

September 6th- Italy:  The girls are enjoying Italian- American and vino (for the underaged ones Italian soda.) Anyone who owns chihuahuas knows they are never far away when food is around.

September 7th- Lace: Cobb and Lil Tico got caught playing in the vintage lace.

September 8th- Ribbons: Sparrow sporting her ribbons. The dress is an altered Barbie Rapunzel dress.

September 9th- Silver

September 10th- Sewing: Poe is making the last stitches in the new thrown pillow.

September 11th- Flowers: Claudia is queen pissy pants in roses. It's heading into a last parts of summer and I have no flowers left.

September 12th- Gold

This is as far as I got in September!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cinnamon Girl

Wow, September and October got away from me!  I haven't had a whole lot of Blythe action in the last few months.  I tried to participate in September and October's Blythe a Day without much success (will have two blogs entries with the photos next.)  My baby nephew, Wyatt, arrived 2 weeks early.

I did gain another Wonderfrog and Blythe- a yellow Ed Ian and Cinnamon Girl. Neither of them have names yet.  I'm kind of wanting CG customized, but I may just touch up her lips and lids myself and be done with her for now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New knitting pattern- Swimsuit for Blythe

Modeled by Moth

I've made all kinds of bathing suits for Blythe.  I have never written out the pattern though.  After releasing the one for Petite Blythe I had a request to write one up for Neos.  I took me a lot longer to actually get the pattern out than it did to knit it! 

I should work up one for Middie also.  The one for Wonderfrogs does not fit Middie.  If I remember correctly, the problem is in the shape of Middie's chest versus the frogs.  I would also like to design a few other suits maybe eventually.

You can find the pattern on Etsy or through Ravelry.  It's 3.50 USD.  

P.S.  The suit fits both Takara Blythe bodies and Licca bodies.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Moth Rowan, part 3

Simply Love Me scalp

Should I keep searching for a Frosty Frock scalp???

I can't decided.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moth Rowan, part 2

Moth Rowan made it to me safe and sound.  It was a pleasant surprise when I found that her original Fruit Punch (FruPu) scalp was included.

Right off I  tried the FruPu scalp and then went to taking her apart.  This was the first time I've ever seen EBL insides first hand.  I figured why not since she had been opened before.  There are better photos out there, but I thought I would snap them anyways (see below).

Face inside

Back inside

One of my concerns about her Simply Vanilla scalps is that I have Simply Vanilla with her original scalp still.  Turns out the only similarity they have is the scalp.  

I would like to try a Frosty Frock scalp on Moth.  Dr. Blythenstein posted a comparison photo of Border Spirit, Simply Love Me, and Frosty Frock's hair colors.  Simply Love Me (SLM) and Frosty Frock are really close.  I found SLM one for sale on BK, so I nabbed it.  I have a WTB on BK, also.  I figure the chances of finding a Frosty Frock could be slim. The SLM will at least give me an idea if I want to continue the search or not.  

P.S.  FBL scalp is not a perfect fit on EBL.  I doubt SBL or RBL scalps are either, but I'm not really concerned.  However, I wanted to warn anyone who wants to try scalps on an EBL thinking they would be a perfect fit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Moth Rowan

Another Blythe joins my ranks today, Moth Rowan.  She has been carved by Milky Robot and her face up is by Little Dear (Merwing on Flickr, also the author of Doodle Stitching.)

Merwing's photo from Flickr.

Moth Rowan will probably keep her name, but I think she will be known as Moth.  Moth started out in this world as an EBL Fruit Punch.  She has a Licca body and I believe she has sleepy eyes.

I have had a FruPu before and overtime I fell completely out of love with her.  I really love EBL customs.  I'm pretty excited to see Moth today (she is out for delivery as I type.)

Only change I may make eventually is her scalp.  I would like to see if I can find her a Frosty Frock scalp maybe.  I'm going to wait on it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blythe a Day June 30th

I missed 12 days in June's Blythe a Day.  I'm skipping out on July.  I might rejoin the group in August or September.

I did make the very last day-

June 30th: Ice cream

I did not remember even having received this dress which I gave to R.  I either got in it a trade or it came on a doll I bought.  Very fitting for the theme.  This is R's doll, Coco.  She is a Simply Chocolate.  One day when my daughter gets older she will need a new faceup!  She's been well loved.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Petite Blythe knitting patterns

New patterns! New patterns!

I wrote summer themed patterns for Petite Blythe over a year ago: Ombre Bathing Suit for Petite Blythe and Hairbands for Petite Blythe. Finally, they are written up for Petite fans.

Shop link:

The patterns are sold separately.  The swim suit has dyeing tips and explanations.  Coming soon is swim suits for Neo Blythe.  I had a request through Ravelry.  I'm working on several styles and fine tuning them.  Hopefully I will have them ready by next week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blythe a Day June 14th-17th

June 14th: Tell me a story- Rabbit want a story about cowboys.

June 15th: Heart- Ginny is wild at heart.

June 16th: What's in your pocket?- Gatsby has a half eaten gingerbread man in her pocket.  At least he looks happy about it.

June 17th: You've got mail- Sun says, "Open the Birchbox, woman!" Someone is impatient.

I'm skipping June 12th.  I can't get myself motivated to go back.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blythe a Day June 10-11th, June 13th

I'm trying to catch up! Once you get off the list it is a challenge to get back on.  I've got four days to catch up on including today.

June 10th: CANDY- Gatsby says, "What's up with the hamburger? You know I only eat candy."  Spoken like a true phene.

June 11th: Put a bird on it- Jason has a bird on her sweater and she has put the Cinderella birds to work.

June 13th: Underneath- Lemon Drop fairy underneath the lilies.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cherry Beach Sunset Blythe

Borrowed from Plastic Fashion on Flickr, which was borrowed from Junie-Moon-CWC

The last newly released Blythe that I purchased was Mandy Cotton Candy last April/May.  The only Blythe that I've ever purchased exclusively by the illustration was the middie, Melomelomew.

The July release has caught my attention:  Cherry Beach Sunset.  She is one that I would purchase from the illustration alone.  I'm afraid I've missed my chance.  C&C Toys had a pre-order sale this morning that lasted 3 minutes.  That does not sound overly promising.

If I don't catch her elsewhere, I guess I will have to face the reality of not getting her.  I fear she will be another Alexis Emerald.

ETA: I entered the Junie Moon lottery (closing June 8th.) June 10th is the invoice day (maybe on June 9th for me due the the dateline.)  I will see what happens.  I don't have overly high hopes.  7-6-2015

ETA: I didn't win the lottery.  I'm guessing I will survive not having.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blythe a Day: June 3rd- 9th

June 3rd: Rainbow- Knit the rainbow.  Monroe working on a silk rainbow top.

June 4th: Laundry- Gidget is having one of those days where she has to wash clothes to have something to wear!

Extra: A chihuahua is always nearby.

June 5th: Decisions, decisions- Merrick is debating, healthy orange or sugary cupcake.

June 6th: Seashore- Peach and Pretzel are packed for the seashore. I haven't broken it to them that we are land locked.

June 7th: Don't give up- Nova posing with my grad school official transcript.  It was a challenging two years, but I did it.

June 8th: Stars/Moon- Moon showing off her star on her cheek and moon eye chips.

June 9th: Birthday- Lemon says, "It's my birthday and I can wear my dragon suit if I want to."


Top view- placement of items to get a clear view of face

Close up

Toy soldiers and chihuahua

To show the scale of the soldiers

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Past Blythes

Dolls of my past:

ADG Pinafore Purple
ADG Pleasant Peasant
ADG Roaring Red
Bohemian Peace
Cousin Olivia
Friendly Freckles
Fruit Punch
Madamoiselle Rosebud
Merry Skier
Milk and Honey
Mod Molly
Prima Dolly Ginger
SBL Lounging Lovely
SBL Pinafore Purple
Silver Snow
Simply Guava
Simply Vanilla
Skate Date
University of Love
Very Vicky

Not including: Pullips, Taeyangs, Petites, and Icy dolls...or any other types of dolls.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blythe A Day (BaD): June 1st-2nd

I joined June's Blyhe a Day (BaD).

Here is the list for this month:

1. Reflection, 2. Dinner, 3. Rainbow, 4. Laundry, 5. Decisions, Decisions, 6. Seashore, 7. Don't Give Up, 8. Moon/Star, 9. Birthday, 10. Candy, 11. Put a Bird on It, 12. Right or Left, 13. Underneath, 14. Tell Me a Story, 15. Heart, 16. What's in Your Pocket?, 17. You've Got Mail, 18. Purple, 19. Money, 20. Mask, 21. What's Your Number?, 22. Stop, 23. Dessert, 24. Earth, 25. Button, 26. Paint, 27. Trip, 28. Carpe Diem, 29. Watch, 30. Ice Cream

This is my first time to participate.  May was entirely too hectic (hence no May blog post).  June's themes seem easy enough for me to keep up.  I think I will post photos here, also.  Here is June 1-2:

June 1st: Reflection

June 2nd: Dinner

Dinner Extras: