Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never say Never

Something I learned from my husband is never say never.  It is good savvy advice.  In April (here is the post) I said I was finished buying Blythes and the I am happy with the ones I currently owned....hahhaha...laughing hysterically.

I have since then, bought 2 dolls and traded one.  I now own, in order from most recent acquisition:

Takara Friendly Freckles (RBL, named George)
Takara Simply Vanilla (FBL, named Fleur)
Takara Angelica Eve (RBL, named Sparrow)
Takara Fruit Punch (EBL, named Pansy)
Takara Simply Guava (RBL, named Nymph)
Factory Blythe (RBL, named Lilith)
Takara Prima Dolly Ginger (SBL, named Ginger)
Takara Very Vicky (FBL, named Victoria)
ADG Roaring Red (named Snowden)
Takara Simply Mango (RBL, named Ginny)

I have two custom clones but I can't remember when I bought them.  

I think I have a nice variety now.

I am in the process of re-customizing my Roaring Red.  And I now leave you with images of cuteness.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fleur and George

Simply Vanilla, Fleur

Friendly Freckles, George

Simply Vanilla and Friendly Freckles

I picked up Simply Vanilla from the post office today! Poor thing had to spend the weekend there.  I love her hair! It is so white and shimmery! She definitely suspicion she is a veela. Or, part veela, so her name is Fleur.  Even more fitting than my last Fleur.

I will get a photo up later!

Friendly Freckles was out for delivery when I checked! Yay! I think she will be George, also.  I really want a doll named George.  Photos coming soon too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mohair-y Future?

Once I get over my most recent spending spree, I have been thinking about either purchasing a RBL scalp to reroot or rerooting my AGD custom, Snowden.

I want a yellow blonde similar to this:

Stephanie, from StephanieASmith Etsy shop, dyed these locks for a customer.  I prefer my locks to be more curly and short.  But, this photos is the general color idea.  Maybe even a little more yellow.

Pros and Cons:

Pros for RBL- it can fit 3 or 4 of my dolls.  The Cons- a scalp is about 40-60 dollars in addition to the mohair.

Pros for ADG-  she is already bought and paid for. The Cons- it will fit only one doll.

I think bought and paid for will most likely out weight the RBL.  Plus, I am too nervous to try and remove my RBL dolls' scalps.

This time when I reroot I am going to go light on the plugs underneath the hair.  Poor Lilith is pretty puffy. But still cute.

What have I been spending money on?

I put out a quarry via Blythe Kingdom for a My Best Friend Blythe's Chihuahua.  I really don't care for the doll all that much, but LOVE the chihuahua.

I asked, a long shot, someone trying to sale MBF if she would like to trade for a Mod Molly (more on this in a bit).  She already had one.  I decided to put out a WTB (want to buy) and first thing someone sent me a reply!

My little chihuahua is coming with her outfit too!

I also purchased 2 dresses, 2 shirts, and boots.  I hate making shirts so it was well worth it.

Wondering about Mod Molly?  I made a trade! I am getting a Friendly Freckles!!  Yay for trades!

Fr Fr is on the left.  This is wheatpennyjenny's photo.

I have an extra pair of eye chips that are turquoise Sakara flowers that will most likely replace the orange chips.    

I bought Simply Vanilla, shhh!!! The hubby doesn't know.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Socks from socks

My daughter is notorious for loosing just one sock.  I have been doing a major overhaul on my crafting/dining area.  I found just one sock.

I made Blythe socks from the one.  They are super cute!  Ginny is modeling them.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Knitting up a Storm for Blythe

I have been attempting make clay piggy noses for a Nymphadora Tonks kit, but getting them to stay with elastic hasn't worked.  As you can see it is noticeable but this is an improvement; it is actually staying on the face!  I have the first part of my Luna Lovegood kit started.  Butterbeer cork necklace to keep the nargles away!   I hope to expand on these ideas and sell them in my Etsy shop.  

I have had a pretty productive couple of days.  I have written two new patterns.  I have one pending approval from the original project knitter (an old FO of TinyOwlKnits) and one waiting to be tested.

Here they are:
TOK Shakespeare in Love sweater minature

Tudor Pants for Blythe

Nymphador Jacket for Blythe, also.  They have a cute cable in the back to give it flare.